Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The Terminator (1984)

"Give me all your WD-40..."

Genre: Action Sci-Fi Thriller

Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger (Predator; Total Recall), Linda Hamilton (Children Of The Corn; Terminator 2: Judgement Day)

Directed By: James Cameron (Aliens; True Lies)

Overview: A cyborg from the future is sent to terminate Sarah Connor, the not-yet mother of the saviour of the War of The Machines.

Acting: In general, the acting is fair. On occasion, you may squint, but that last line in that big scene, holy Lord, pure magic. The direction in this was a little weak, another take or two could have helped Reese and Sarah, but Arnold was great!
Rating: 7

Cinematography: The cinematography was not as good as I remembered. The special effects of the stop motion were a touch sketchy, and the rubber Terminator head was detailed though obviously fake and even a couple scenes were too dark, but those repair scenes were pretty cool, and the shots of the future were great.
Rating: 7

Script: The retelling of the future could have been described a little better. It's well done but I'm all about the realism and the post-apocalyptic, so I wanted to hear more about it. Yep, the occasional fromage line, but pretty decent.
Rating: 7

Plot: There are a couple of suspensions of disbelief that were a touch out there, but those are forgivable. As for going into a building when you could have run down the street (for that lat scene), sure it's more dramatic, but let me teach you a little lesson. If you're running from a busted robot, don't go into a building, just run down the street and let the army take care of the rest. As for the actual Reese, Sarah Connor, Terminator premise, there are few movies that are this good in concept. Amazing story. Remember how much you liked the premise for The Matrix? Right, good like that.
Rating: 8

Mood: The mood is the thing! It's Terminator! He's coming to kill you liker a bad nightmare! You can't stop him, he just keeps coming!!! Scream and run all you like, he will lay you to waste!!! The outfits are pretty cool too. Too bad about the music.
Rating: 8

No it's not my favorite scene cause all he does is kill pigs though the whole thing...well...

Overall Rating: 74% (But I Personally Liked It Much Better)

Aftertaste: The first time in a long time since I've seen this. The debate about which movie is better rages on, this or the sequel. I'm a purist and for as much as there were moments of unbelievability, and the odd cheesy effect mixed with some corny 80s Sci-Fi scores thrown in, I still love it better than that "Hasta La Vista, Baby" spoutin' sequel. I put it up there with Alien. Damn this is good. They should really do a Terminator 4 (like the Terminator: Burning Earth comic series: all set in the future, all about the end of the war of Man vs. Machine. Schwarzenegger doesn't even have to be in it...)