Monday, July 17, 2006

The Wedding Crashers (2005)

"And a Big cheer for the Senegakunjurathamandhimaburanis!"

Romantic Comedy

Starring: Owen Wilson (The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou; Starsky & Hutch) Vince Vaughn (Psycho; Made)

Directed By: David Dobkin (Shanghai Knights; Clay Pigeons)

Overview: A couple of Wedding Crashers attend the event of the year, the wedding of one of the Treasury Secretary's daughters. When John falls for Claire, the two crashers end up spending the weekend at the Secretary's Estate.

Acting: Ok, see these people can act, there’s no doubt about it, but are they insanely great actors? The two films mentioned above next to Vince Vaughn's name had him in the best roles I've ever seen him in, and Owen Wilson wasn't there to ruin it for him, see? I'm not saying these guys don't make decent movies when they get together, but it's like they're not really serious in the parts they play. One feeds into the other I suppose. Wait , though, Christopher Walken saves the day! Well, not really...
Rating: 7

Cinematography: Remember that movie that you saw that came after a television show? I don't mean Star Trek, those had real budgets, I mean more like that The X-Files movie, or even Serenity. In a way, this is like that. It's bigger budget, it's less confined, it's well scouted, the sets are well-planned, but deep down, after everything... it just looks like a bigger TV production, and of course, no special effects.
Rating: 7

Script: Yeah, yeah, fine you got me, this was not only hilarious and original, but there were some honest moments of truly believeable dialogue mixed in with the zany stuff. The conversations often had a wise air to them, as though people were actually having real discussions and the characters had genuine honest quirks, not just filler dialogue to get to the jokes. Finally! A Hollywood script that LOOKS like it's gone through several drafts. Impressive.
Rating: 9

Plot: I took a break half way through this film, yelling "these characters have no depth!" My girl reminded me how it's a OWEN WILSON and VINCE VAUGHN film. Look, when you try to break up a three-and-a-half-year relationship, the only saving grace you have is that the guy you're competing against is a womanizing jackass. Oh gee, how convenient, the other guy is a dick. You know the whole Vince Vaughn side of the plot was pretty interesting, to tell you the truth. Ugh, torn.
Rating: 7

Mood: There's some pretty smooth marketing here. Someone convinced ME that this was good. See they don't come right out and say it, they sneak it up on you. They take a long time before even implying this is going to be ROM COM land. Damn them for setting up this elaborate, almost Old School feel film, then they SPRING it on you! Ah, cute little made-for-girls moments kill me!
Rating: 8

No, no. Seriously, whatup with that shnoz?!

Overall Rating: 76% (Nothing to SHOUT About)

Aftertaste: Alright, alright, I'll say it, this was a mild embarassment for me. Yes, yes, I debased myself to the mainstream Romantic Comedy (for as much as it's geared far more than usual for men). The question is why? Why would I even think of seeing such a thing? Is it because a critic worth his salt has to see all the big blockbusters like this, Crash (I'll get around to it) and The 40 Year-Old Virgin (I SAID I'd get around to it!)? yeah, partly. But there is another far more important reason: given than most of the people who read this are probably my friends, I'll blame your banal asses for telling me this was 'awesome', 'rad', 'hil' and 'all that'.

You are the bane of my existence, you, that friend who says 'rad'.