Saturday, February 26, 2005

28 Days Later (2002)

In this one Sandra Bullock falls in love with a rage-infected zombie...

Apocalyptic Zombie Horror Sci-Fi Thriller (UK)

Starring: Cillian Murphy (Batman Begins; Red Eye), Naomie Harris (Miami Vice; Trauma)

Directed By: Danny Boyle (Trainspotting; Shallow Grave)

Overview: England suffers a catastrophic virus that fills its infected with rage. Jim and his entourage do what they can to survive.

Acting: The acting is pretty good. Go figure people would act scared during a horror movie, and acts sad when they lose loved ones. Nothing jumped out as being amazing, but Brendan Gleeson does a great Frank and Christopher Eccelston does a great Major.
Rating: 7

Cinematography: This was shot digital, and in theaters I found it gritty and even, at times, a little TOO dirty for a modern-day horror. The DVD however, on a smaller screen seemed to sharpen it up. Though we lose a little detail, it's smooth. So pick... As for the shots and the rest, it's great to see these panoramic, mood setting scenes of empty cities and dark stench-filled tunnels. It's great, it's scary, and the infected freak me right out!
Rating: 8

Script: The script is just right. This movie takes itself seriously, even though they could have made it funny at times. Enough humour to offset the bleak undercurrent, and the writing is never cheesy.
Rating: 7

Plot: The plot is one of survival, people freaking out, rage-filled priests and horny soldiers. What made this movie different from every other zombie movie is not the fact that these guys run, (thought that was so innovative as to change the face of Zombie Horror) it's the fact that there is a great moral question and a hell of a twist and the conclusion is so dramatic and superb that it will stay in your head forever.
Rating: 8

Mood: Horror fans will love this film for it's originality and importance to the genre. It raised the bar on horror writing and realism and I love the fact that low-tech weapons wielded by people who aren't ninjas makes for scary combat. This will frighten you.
Rating: 9

The real mystery is how he woke up 28 days later without a pantful of poo poo...

Overall Rating: 78% (Stays With You Longer Than That!)

Aftertaste: This movie changed the face of zombies forever, and I must say I'm thrilled and disappointed. THESE AREN'T ZOMBIES!!! But they ARE the next best thing. I just want to make it clear that if a zombie is coming after you, shamblingly slow, don't say, "Pff, you're slow." say, "Oh my God! Necrotized flesh is actually animated and trying to come and feast on me, even though it can't digest my protein! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" (just don't make them run in a remake of a classic, please!)

This film has added a precious element of reality to a great concept, the Zombie. I had to buy this DVD the second it came out, and it's stayed in my mind as a trendsetter. This movie is so scary that I had a creepy dream the same week where we were underground in a 5 level parking garage and all I had was a bat and an axe, and they were coming to get us!